2014 new year 許了很多願 make wishesssss for 2014

人生在世苦短, 年紀越大, 要許很多個願~~ 哈哈哈 看看到年底可以完成幾個

1. 家人身體健康 family health well

2. 澳洲新秘  working in Australia for brides

3. 高山新秘  woking in Mountains for brides

4. 每個月都去爬一次高山 hiking in high moutains ever month

5. 終極目標爬喜瑪拉雅山 (遠目) final goal hiking in Mt. Everest

6. 去海島國家度假 have a vacation in tropical Island

7. 單身的朋友們都可以找到1314相伴的有緣人 singal friends can find their life mate.

8. 已婚的朋友們都幸福快樂!! married friends can have nice marrage life. 

9. 培養另一個興趣 develop other hobbies

10. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (秘密 馬賽克處理) (my secret)


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